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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Belly pics

Here are some of our belly photos I finally got uploaded on our computer to share with y'all! We had a doctor appointment this week, it is the beginning of having the doctor actually check me and the end of the ultrasounds! I had my strep B test done this week and the doctor checked for any dilation or progression of things. My cervix was only a fingertip so no dilation but he felt her head so she is still head down in position for her big debut! Our doctor did check her heart beat with the Doppler so we got to at least hear her- it was 144 beats per minute this past week. We are getting so excited and can not wait for her to be here!! Justin got the pack and play all together (that is what we are planning on using as her bassinet) and he got the car seat installed this past weekend as well. So now we are just waiting for her to join us! Nights are getting hard- tons of crazy uncontrollable heartburn that is like absolutely unreal!!! I am having a hard time getting comfortable and just ready to be snuggling up with her in my arms for sure!! I just can not believe how big I am and not just belly I mean everywhere- I never thought everything would get this swollen- I even have cankles! But it is all so worth it and I would not change a thing!

All our love~ G, J and MJ

Monday, September 13, 2010


Justin had a fun weekend down in Norman at the OU game. He met one of his friends down there and they stayed at the Riverwind hotel for the weekend. They had such a good time down there and it helped that OU won! I had big plans of sleeping all weekend but of course that is just not happening no matter how exhausted I am. I can not get comfortable and have heartburn constantly that contributes to making it hard to get comfortable. But only 3 more weeks until full term and 6 weeks until her due date! Oh we are getting so excited!!! I have had some pretty crazy dreams lately about her arrival! My most recent I delivered her in one push and the nurse took her away before we could even see her so we did not know what she even looked like! We took Maternity photos yesterday and should be able to check them out this week. It was pretty fun having it all about Mallory in the belly. I am excited for us to have this memory in pictures for her! Sending all our love~ G, J and MJ

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

extra photo shoot

Our friend is an ultrasound technician and did an extra ultrasound on Mallory for us today. (Thank you so much Amy, we loved getting to see her today and appreciate you doing that for us, that was so sweet of you!!!) We got to see Mallory practice her breathing. It was amazing getting to watch her little chest rising with each practice breath. The body measurements today show her currently weighing 5 lbs 3 oz. One of the times she was moving around she was flaunting her strands of hair! These radiopaque strands were sticking straight out, it resembled the way hair would look being pulled by static electricity sticking straight out. So cool!! We got to catch her yawing a few times too and she even stuck her tongue out. We got to look at her heart and see all 4 chambers at work- tonight her heart rate was 128 beats per min.

Sending all our love~ G, J and MJ

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mallory 33 weeks

We had a doctor appointment today and got to see Mallory. This will be the last time he will do an ultrasound, the next times he will just use the Doppler to check her heart beat. He will only do an ultrasound if he is concerned about anything. Our doctor said he is still sure she is a girl and we told him that is good because we are ready for a girl!:) Her heartbeat today was 132 beats per min. Our doctor said everything is still looking good with her and her little temporary home in there. Our what to expect app said she is now the size of a pineapple! My placenta has areas of calcification which he said is normal but that was the only thing he noted. Measuring my uterus he said I have been measuring one week ahead the entire time, so we will see if that means we are further along than predicted. Our doctor said he wants me to just make it 3 more weeks for sure keeping things going like they have and then after that if she decides to start coming to be a part of our world we will let her and not try to stop any labor at that point. At our next appointment he will check for any dilation and do the strep B test. I am excited about her getting here, I am so excited to see her face and hold her in my arms. Justin thinks she will have red hair and I think she will have dark hair,either way will be beautiful to us and we really do not care either way. I can not wait for her to join our family. We pretty much have everything ready for her to come home. We have the car seat but still need to install it and get it inspected. Of course I can think of a ton of little things that I want to make perfect before she comes but that is just my nesting instinct going crazy! Hope everyone has a good short week ahead thanks to labor day giving us Monday off! Sending all our love~ G, J and MJ

Monday, September 6, 2010

Isn't he the cutest little motorcross you have ever seen? We spent the weekend out at Stillwater with the Thundering Herd and Justin's parents. Saturday Shelby cooked ribs which he always does an awesome job and we all enjoyed a great dinner thanks to his hard work. McCamey suited up after dinner and showed us his moves on his motorcycle.
This is his motorcycle with the training wheels on it! He rode round and round their lot and did so good! It was so fun watching him ride and be so proud of himself!
Hermione is a tree climber now, she goes up and down the trees in their front yard. Her little legs have scratches on them from her adventures up in the trees but it does not slow her down one bit! We turned on the sprinkler for the kids to run around through it. They had a lot of fun and we always enjoy spending time with them! Sunday we got to meet with a couple that were interested in the car, hopefully they will want it?! We will see on Tues or Wed! The kids have had a blow up pool for awhile now so we got it out for them Sunday. They were going crazy having to wait for the pool to fill up but once it finally did about an hour or so later they were in heaven in that thing!! It was a fun weekend and we love every second we get to spend with family! Thank you for everything Janice and Larry! We loved getting to spend the past couple weeks with you and look forward to seeing you in October!! xoxo~G, J and Mallory