Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Shakespeare in the park

For the past 10 years the community theater has put on a free show in the summer out of appreciation. We finally were in town the weekend they did it this year. We went out to the park on Friday night with friends and it was pretty neat! Before heading to the play we went to watch our friends son's t ball game but the other team had to forfeit since they only had one player show up. So we all went out to get ice cream instead. At the play we arrived and they were already doing an opening show so we grabbed first spot we saw on the hill. They were having technical difficulties with the speakers so where we were sitting could not hear very well so got lost in the people watching a bit. We left a bit early because of that but still neat experience and fun to be out! I guess I hurt my back sitting on the ground at the park Friday all day Saturday I had what felt like a pinched nerve! Saturday we had a car appointment in Oklahoma City at the dealership early in the morning so we did some shopping there getting some of the prep stuff to start painting the room. Those essentials of tape and paper for the borders. We made it back home in time to watch the USA pay and that was a disappointing game! Man! Today we have been finishing up the little things we needed to clean out of Mallory's nursery still like books and CD's going through what to keep or trash and putting the keeps in the attic. Justin was able to move the treadmill's out of there too- I pictured them being a lot skinner but moving them into our other rooms they are so wide and out of place! Of course my OCD is out of control trying to put everything in place it is just not working out right now! Have to learn to let some things go I guess!:) Hope everyone has a great week, sending all our love to you!! xoxo~G and J

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father to be day

Happy Father to be day Justin!! He is the man behind the belly and one amazing man he is!:) I fall more in love with him each and every day! I am so excited to see him as a father! He is the most patient and selfless man I know which completely balances me out and will be an amazing role model for Miss Mallory. I took Justin to the movies today- he was wanting to see The Last of the Airbenders but it does not come out still for a few weeks so second choice was Toy Story 3 in 3D Imax. Which was super cute- tons of dads there today with the fam celebrating just as we were. He wanted to eat lunch at MiMi's Cafe but the wait there was over an hour so we had to pick a second choice for restaurant, too! We ate at BJ's and they were giving out free glasses this weekend for Father's Day weekend so that was a cool perk! We picked up some samples to put on the wall to narrow down the nursery room paint! Yay! Happy Father's Day to all the amazing dads out there! Hope everyone had a great day and has a great week ahead! Try to stay cool I know it is warming up fast here in Oklahoma! xoxo~G
So last night Justin felt Mallory move for the first time! She was moving like crazy while we were laying in bed reading our baby books. I had him put his hand on my belly just to see if he would be able to and he totally did- she straight up gave him a kick or something! Yay! What a wonderful Father's Day present Mallory!:) xoxo!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

T-ball fun

We got to go to Stillwater Saturday for the kids's t-ball games. Hermionie's was first and then McCamey played. The video is McCamey sliding into home base- too cute! He is doing so good this year with hitting and his focus on the game is a big improvement from last year! So fun for him!! Hermionie did great too of course!! She is so cute out there! And Poor Brooklyn has to wait until next year to play, Shana said she is having a very hard time with this and feels left out with both the bigger kids getting to do it. But I think Justin and I were a good distraction for her Saturday! :) Thankfully it wasn't too hot Saturday morning here and we even were blessed with some cloud coverage! Heck of a deal! After the games we ate pizza at hide-away, so good! Thankfully we got a table this time instead of having all of us have to file into a booth!:) good times! Justin has been in heaven with the world cup starting and is enjoying watching all those games all the time. There is a tv app on his iphone that he got to catch a couple of the games while we were out on Saturday. The kids then went home for nap time and we went down to OKC to order our furniture for Mallory! We tried to take care of it all last weekend but the store was closed so we had to make a trip back. So her furniture is now officially on the way and we will have in about 10 weeks or so. We also picked up a ton of paint samples from Home Depot to match the fabric swatches so we can start painting next month. The dogs are doing good- yesterday Josephine was bothered by a lady on a magazine we had sticking out of the trash- she kept barking at her picture! Silly houndie! We have been trying not to have them up on the furniture so they will be ready for Mallory. The dogs have their own bed now and are getting used to it. Hope everyone has a great week and we send our love to you!! xoxo~G and J

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rangers Game

This past weekend we went down to Dallas to spend time with the Galindos and we all went to the Texas Rangers baseball game. We went to an afternoon game on Saturday when it was over 100 degrees! We scored some seats in the shade for the first half and by the end we were melting in the sun! We had great seats at right field second row- to the right of us was the pitchers bull pin which we did not even notice until the end of the game!:) Our tickets were part of a family pack so we all got hot dogs and drinks included! They were passing out free shirts and had batting games set up for all the kids to play. It was a perfect day (wish the Clements could have made it to join us make it even better!)! We went out to dinner at Uncle Julio's and enjoyed yummy fajitas. We then went back to the Galindo's house where the boys played washers and we had a lot of fun! Summer got Mallory the cutest hot pink sandals- I am so excited to dress her up in them! Friday we met with a person with child care finders to start trying to find a place that takes infants for Mallory. She gave us a great list that seems promising so we will be making our way through it to check availability these next few weeks. I felt Mallory's first really big kick/movement yesterday- it was so big it took my breath away and just brought a huge smile to my face! I could not believe it, I was so amazed! We are still trying to order all the different pieces of her nursery and working on getting her room together. We have a busy summer ahead and are trying to make the most of this time to get ready for her! So excited to meet Mallory! We are now at the exact half way mark until she is here! Yay! Hope everyone has a great week and we send our love to everyone! xoxo~ G and J

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Baby Jonesie is a Girl!!!

Baby Jonesie is a GIRL!:) We are super excited and now can talk to her using her name- Mallory Jean Jones! She was doing all kinds of acrobatics today during our ultrasound- her legs where in pike position and she would peek her head through! His nurse comes to our office to get her teeth cleaned, so she took some time out today after his exam so we could listen to her heart beat. She was able to find a good sound through the placenta so we heard it pumping through that. She said everything sounded really good. Our doctor said everything is looking good as well! One of the doctors we work with was told last year she was having a girl and ended up delivering a boy so we are not going to go crazy with the pink yet!:) I am feeling really good and can not believe we are at the half way mark! It is sad to think it is already half over and then exciting to think she is almost here as a part of our family! I have felt her move a few times but nothing very consistent yet. No crazy cravings at all- just am actually eating meat and liking it! I have put on 10lbs and feel pretty chunky- my belly is starting to get bigger and harder. I am ready for it to be a real big belly!! Our next appointment is in a month- we have the hospital one and then see our doctor as well at that time. Thanks for thinking of us and we will keep everyone posted with everything! All our love~G and J