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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


This past weekend we went to Vegas with the Galindo family! We had such a great time and wish we were still there!:) Thank you Summer and Augie for an awesome weekend, we miss you guys!! We stayed at the Excalibur hotel.
This is at the Bellagio hotel they have their fall exhibit out and it is beautiful. They had pumpkins close to 1,000 pounds- pretty crazy! We had to touch it to see if they were real and failed to notice the 'Thank you for not touching the exhibit' sign...woops!

At the Golden Nugget they have a shark tank in the middle of their pool with a slide going through the tank! They had black jack tables out side too that we played at for awhile.
Justin with Grandma Eva! Eva lives in Vegas and avoids the strip at all costs, as would we if we lived there. But she braved it for breakfast with us. We loved seeing her and wish we could have enjoyed more time with her but it was such a short trip that flew by way too fast.
Downtown they have a light show over the canopy that was very cool. There is a ton of different talent from spray paint artists, bands, and solo instrumentalists.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Oklahoma State

The Endodontist that Justin refer's patients to has season tickets to Okalhoma State football games was unable to go this weekend and offered our office his tickets. So a couple of us went to the game, We had so much fun! They played Rice University which was cool since they are from Houston!! We headed down there early to eat at Hideaway Pizza and check out all the pregame festivities. They had a block party at one end of the stadium and of course tailgating!
The stadium is newly renovated and this was our first time to go to an Oklahoma State game since Justin is a huge OU fan and of course I am a Red Raider!
Ritz family sporting their OSU gear!
Pistol Pete is their mascot.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Land Run

This past weekend we did the Great Land Run here in town, it was a 5K that benefits the public schools. I am very proud of us we were able to run most of it and had a lot of fun! We have been trying to read up on my newly diagnosed condition. We bought books online to help guide us through. Since it has been difficult for us to conceive I went to my doctor and have been diagnosed with PCOS. We are treating it with diet/exercise and meds. The kitchen pantry is stocked with everything to help lower the Glycemic Index to help my PCOS so we can hopefully get pregnant someday! As an office this week we went to some of the Head Start programs for oral hygiene instruction and exams. The kids are so adorable and get so excited telling you their dental stories! Too cute! Hope everyone is doing great and we miss you all so much! All our love~G and J