Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Car for sale

We posted our car on Auto Trader this morning so hopefully we will have good luck selling! Justin took the pics for the ad and we got it detailed for this particular photo shoot earlier this week. We took it to a lady who did it all herself and did such an amazing job cleaning it looks brand new! So if there are any takers out there just log on and check it out. Our friend Amy's birthday is Tuesday so we went to Oklahoma City with her and her family to celebrate an early birthday. We saw the movie Cop Out and had a yummy lunch down in Bricktown. The movie was pretty funny and lunch was very good! Here at home all the dogs have cabin fever like crazy! We are ready for nicer days to get back to walking regularly! Our little Josephine has been on antibiotics and steroids for 2 weeks now for a rash infection and I guess it is reacting with her bladder because it is like we have a puppy again or something?! Today big day of sports with Lakers day game, NASCAR in Vegas, and the USA hockey game so Justin is in heaven!! We hope everyone has a great week and we send all our love~G and J

Sunday, February 21, 2010

One Year

We have been married one year! Time has completely flown by and has been a dream come true! We celebrated by going down to a steak house called Mahogany and it was delish! We saw the Valentines Day movie which of course I cried I thought it was very cute! Today we had breakfast at Mimi's Cafe and headed back home. This afternoon it actually snowed here! If we had this crazy weather a year ago I would have been even more high strung then I already was trying to predict the weather for our wedding, oh poor Justin having to put up with my crazyness! But we sure were blessed last year with such an amazing day and a memorable ceremony. I fall more in love with Justin with each day and think it is amazing how God works! Sending all our love~G and J

Monday, February 15, 2010

early Fat Tuesday celebration

We celebrated Mardi Gras this weekend at our house. Had an early Fat Tuesday celebration before Lent starts. We made a King Cake for the celebration. Neither of us had ever had King cake much less made one before. The tradition is to hide a baby or coin in the cake and whover finds it in their piece has a year good luck. We ended up hiding a coin in the cake which Kenzie found so she has the year of good luck and gets to host the next party. We ordered Pat O'Brien glasses for everyone and the famous Hurricane mix from Pat O'Brien's.
Our cake is the circle, we ended up buying one as well which is the one in the container. We wanted a back up just in case our homeade did not turn out very well but it turned out to be acutally the better one.

Kara made some delish gumbo and Amy made hushpuppies. We had a very festive dinner and lots of fun!

Mike made Amy a t-shirt to flash with for beads which was looked so real. He used air brushing to make the t-shirt. She said our faces went blank for a second when she initally showed us. Too funny!!

Erin brought the kereoke machine and everyone had fun singing!

Happy early Fat Tuesday everyone! We hope y'all have fun celebrating!!
All our love, G and J