Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Thundering Herd treehouse

Justin's brother started building a treehouse for the kids. Their dad is out from California and has gotten to work with him building it. The three of them got to work on it this past weekend. It is pretty much complete, just needs a few more screws for security and a roof. I think it is so special that all 3 generations got to work together on it and build it together! The kids are so lucky to have that!

This is the girls getting supplies for the boys. We went with our list to Lowes.

Our little cutie niece we're just checking on the boys seeing how it is going..

My sensitive skin red haired husband! Mosquitoes absolutely love him and he is so allergic they swell up like crazy! Oh the joys of the country and manual labor outside.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Larry's birthday in Napa

We surprised Justin's dad Larry in Napa this past weekend for his 70th birthday! Larry is usually the one getting all of the family together but this time Justin's mom Janice surprised him! She arranged all of us to come out and stay for a long weekend. We had so much fun and Larry was so surprised!
We enjoyed a picnic and wine tasting at V.Sattui winery! They have a very yummy deli and fantastic wines!

Larry blowing out his birthday candle at birthday dinner. We had dinner at the restaurant in the hotel on his actual birthday. Happy 70th Larry!!!
There was a car show downtown Napa tons of very cool cars! We got to meet up with their friend from high school and her husband! It was so great seeing ya'll and we can't wait to catch up again soon!
We visited the winery from the movie Bottleshock, which is the story of the tasting of Paris in 1976, and did a wine tasting of the award winning Chardonnay!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


We had a lot of fun at Margaritaville! Good times with good friends! Just wanted to share some of the pictures with ya'll!

Thanks ya'll for a great night! We love ya'll so much and are so grateful to have such great friends!! xoxo~G and J

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Just had to share with you the biggest blueberry I have ever seen!! Pretty crazy! Still do not think this picture gives it justice to how big it was but tried to compare it to a normal size one. I could not believe it so had to snap a picture of it! WOW!! It is the little things in life that amaze me!:)

we won't quit our day jobs..

This past weekend was devoted to removing wallpaper and painting! It was our first time to do either for the both of us. I began removing wallpaper on Friday morning. It took 8 hours to remove a fraction of the border! I used hot water, chemicals, and finally we got a steamer to remove it all on Friday night. There were sections that the glue would not budge..grr so frustrating! It took us forever to remove it all! So needless to say we got our fix for painting for awhile!

This is our kitchen before.

This is us taping and priming...

First coat....

Our finished products...
When we revealed the painted edges by removing the tape we discovered that we should not ever quit our day jobs to become painters! What we thought were good protected edges are so not! And with pulling the tape off some of the paint pulled off with it! But it was fun and some good quality bonding time!