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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Sunday, January 24, 2010

San Diego

Our dear friend and her son had a trip planned to San Diego and invited us to come along. She reserved a place right on the ocean in Coranado at one of the Navy Bases since she is Air Force. It was a great weekend getaway and much needed time with our dear friend!! We got into San Diego last Friday. We found a cute Mexican restaurant to have lunch and it was delish!!
Our first night there we went down to the main strip and toured all the boats at Maritime Museum. It was a total of 6 ships and 2 submarines. Pretty amazing the history behind each one and being aboard looking at all the exhibits.

Saturday was the prettiest day we were there so we took advantage of a day outside visiting Sea World! It was a lot of fun, I have been to the one in Texas as a child so only remember a few of the things and Justin had never been before.
We got there first thing in the morning and it was dolphin feeding time. Justin said they felt rubbery and very weird.
The main man Shamu!!!
We sat at the top of the splash zone thinking how bad can we really get wet up here? Oh wow, we got soaked...Shamu does not mess around! The crowd learned the 'splash' hand command and Shamu did just that, splashed us all!

That night we met up with Justin's friends from dental school. We met them in the La Jolla area for dinner and had a great time catching up. His best friend lives in the Los Angeles area and him and his wife drove down just for the night to meet up with us. (We love you Andy and Jessica and wish we could have spent more time with you both! We hope to see y'all soon!)
Sunday we went down the Coronado peninsula for a scenic drive. We walked along a pier and watched surfers catch some waves. There was a storm coming in and I guess the surf was up. We found a cute restaurant for brunch and then found a pub for Justin to watch the Vikings game.
We drove through the Balboa park area and it was beautiful.
We made reservations at a restaurant that is known for the sunset view but since the storm was coming in we did not get to see it. The view was beautiful though and the food was amazing.

Our flight home Monday was good and we made it out of California right before all the crazy weather hit. We had such a great time Chanie! Thanks again and we miss y'all already! Hope everyone is doing good and we love y'all!! xoxo~G and J

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy 2010!!!!

Happy New Year! We had friends over to bring in the new year and had a great time. Of course these party animals had to be included as well....

We got a chimenea for Christams and used it for the first time on New Years eve. It was very cold outside but our friends humored us and stuck out the 15 degree temps cuddled up around a fire that let off barely any heat! I am sure the chimenea will be wonderful when it is just not as freezing outside. Our speakers outside recently got hooked up as well so we jammed out to the New Years special on sirius and had a lot of fun. We hope everyone had a wonderful New Years and we wish everyone a wonderful 2010 ahead!!

Sporting out beautiful 2010 glasses! Love them, too fun!

"Shots, Shots, Shots....everybody"...dang LMFAO song!:) Cheers to 2010!

"Shake it like a Polaroid picture.."

All our love, G and J!!! xoxo!!!