Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Saturday, December 26, 2009

White First Christmas

This year we had a white Christmas. The entire state of Oklahoma was in a state emergency because of the weather. Oklahoma City got record levels of snow reaching 14 inches, our area only got a couple of inches. The wind chill though was very brutal so we stayed indoors for the holiday. We entertained ourselves by watching movies and of course Christmas movies as well.

We cooked dinner on Christmas. We made prime rib roast and it turned out very good! It was our first time with this cut of meat. We did a reciepe we recieved from a wine club and served it with the wine as well. Had to take a picture! Very simple ingredients of just salt and pepper but it made a delicious crust and was yummy. Lakers played as well on Christmas but did not do very good. I guess it was big game against Shaq so Justin was bummed. We played new Wii games- Where's Waldo and Family Feud- very fun!! Where's Waldo brought back memories we both loved those books as kids and had fun paying it!
We got an early Christmas present on Wednesday when I got the dye radiograph done and we found out everything is open. The dye made it's way to the ovaries! I took medicine last week to help me with ovulation this month so we will see how that does. Thank you for all of your prayers and wishes for us. We appreciate it so much and appreciate all of your support. Love y'all so much! xoxo~G and J

Friday, December 18, 2009

First Christmas

Our first Christmas! We bought a real tree this week to put up. This is the tree right after we put it up and lights on. We did not realize the ornaments do not come with hooks so those are still not up on the tree yet! We did rig up our own hooks for the ornaments that said "First Christmas" so we could put those up.

Our tree topper the pug angel! Way too cute!! Only a mug a momma could love! :)
This is the houndies checking it out for the first time. The dogs do surprisingly well with the tree, (so far at least) I know I probably just jinked myself! They have a bit of short term memory, every time we reenter the living room they do a double take and have to go sniff it up. I tried to put the skirt up high enough to avoid them from realizing there is water in that stand.
New update on the fertility, this past week started BCP and then abruptly stopped taking them so I would start which it did work. Who knew I would be so excited about a period?! :)So I am scheduled for the HSG test next week and will know more at that time what to do next.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

My 29th birthday weekend

I can not believe I am 29 yrs old, thought I would wake up feeling so much older or something but I feel the same! We had an amazing weekend. Our celebration started off on Friday. We had wine and cheese at the house and then went out to the local community theater. The play of The Christmas Carol was being done and was very good! There were tons of kids in the production and they all did so good. On Saturday we headed down to Oklahoma City for some shopping with all the other people of Oklahoma. We continued on our journey south bound for dinner and Christmas lights.
We see billboards for a restaurant in Turner Falls area which is very beautiful. We finally took time out to make a special trip to check it out. It is called the Cliff at Cedarvale and it was pretty good. It was probably better as a beer joint to enjoy live music and night life but none the less we had a good time. We had Green Chile burger and Cheesecake. Yum!
After dinner we went to Ardmore Festival of Lights. Last trip back from Texas we saw it from the Interstate but we are never in that area at night we usually try to make it back earlier than that so we went back to check it out. It is 1 1/2 miles of lights through a park down there. I wanted to get out to take pics but new rule this year is you have to stay in your car at all times. But we got some pics from the car and it was pretty creative everything they did with those lights!

He is brushing his teeth! Yay oral hygiene...the little things that excite us in the profession! :)

This morning I got breakfast in bed with my favorite pancakes in the shape of 2-9!! My husband is so creative brought the biggest smile to my face!!! Thank you everyone for all the great birthday wishes! I appreciate it so much. I had a very hard week with fertility junk and this weekend really cheered me up! I love you all so much!! xoxo G and J

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ready for Christmas

We are all ready for Christmas! We are all decorated and in the spirit. We absolutely love this time of year, makes me so happy! We got our Christmas cards all done to be mailed this week. It got cold here this weekend, so we made yummy chili to keep our bellys warm. It did not snow here though unlike Texas weather! Justin got a new Xbox game and he is really liking learning how to assassinate different characters. I got stuff to make some Christmas treats for edible gifts, so I will be baking away! We drew names for secret santa at the office so we got together some things for that. All the houndies are doing good, they are sporting their Christmas collars. Still no changes with our baby making. I have stopped any ovulating since the new doctor had me stop taking one of the meds. He tried another med to get me to start but no luck so far, I am to call Tuesday if still nothing. So we will see what that brings. We hope everyone is ready for Christmas! We send our love to each of you!! xoxo~G and J