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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Sunday, June 30, 2013

We do have a blog!

So yes I have forgotten we had a blog there for a little bit!! Ha! Things are going good for our family. I had one of my 4 month cancer checkups last week and everything is still staying stable, Praises to God!! So I get to enjoy the rest of the summer cancer free!! Justin is loving his new job and is actually happy going to work which is an awesome feeling! I am going on interviews this week to get back to working myself! We started potty training yesterday so enough said there, disaster is all that needs to be said. We are all doing good and i will get back to posting!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter and rodeo

I know many of you know we are in the waiting period to see what this new growth is! I had it in my head that this was just a one time thing and that would be it so now I am just having a hard time really processing that this is the rest of our life! But other than that things are good! We are staying very busy! Justin is loving his new job and I am so excited for him that it is something he is happy doing! MJ is becoming a toddler more and more with each day at an alarming rate! No more baby girl she is running everywhere and chasing the dogs all over the back yard! She is talking full sentences and getting better with pronouncing her words with each try! Please, Done, Up, No-No, Water, Cassie, are all the best pronounced words that she is very distinct with each syllable. She loves the movie Tangled and Dora! I love getting to do my dream job each and every day- it is a dream come true getting to stay at home with her and teach her all the big and little things! Well thank you for checking in on us!! We send all our love to each one of you!!!! xo!!!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

another move

Mallory and I had our first haircuts together! Not many people can say they did that one before! Ha! It was great and she did so good! She is such a big girl these days, once she figured out the whole walking thing she is miss independent! We are now upon my one year anniversary from beginning chemo and our move to Texas and we have now moved again. We moved out of the apartment and into a house. It is a whole new world being able to have a backyard to enjoy! And we are in the same neighborhood and one of my sorority sisters who has a daughter about the same age as MJ so we get to do fun stuff together!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday, November 27, 2011


We did the Turkey Trot this year for Thanksgiving. We walked the 10K and did surprisingly well. Mallory stayed awake the entire time and loved watching all the people and being out celebrating Thanksgiving.

Kyle and Amy came over to enjoy dinner with us and we had so much fun with them. My mom and Bets were there as well but did not get a photo of them.

here are old pics that I did not get around to loading on here last month.......

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

10 and 11 month (because I am behind)

I know I am so behind and I am so sorry!! This is MJ's 10 month pic from last month! She is finally saying ma-ma! It was all about Da-Da for months but now she says Ma-Ma! Melts my heart everytime!

And then we are current with our 11 month pics from just a couple days ago. She is crawling all over the place. She is pulling herself up on everything and taking the side steps. Today she experimented with letting go while standing and stood on her own for a couple seconds! MJ loves crawling up the slides at the park and tot spot, I let her be the bad influence on the other kids because she loves it so much. Once she reaches the top she is so very proud of herself I try to teach her the appropriate usage of the equipment but finding other uses is so much more entertaining. She is getting a couple more top front teeth which is causing her to get more interested in actual food versus baby food. Oh and she loves music. Even a tv commercial with music she will stop in her tracks and start dancing. She has a little bounce move and claps at the end to show her appreciation for the tunes! She also blows kisses, she puts her fist up to her mouth and says muah! so cute!!!!
I thank God every day for blessing us with MJ! I can not believe it has almost been a year since we became a family of 3! She teaches me so much each and every day! She is our whole heart and we fall more and more in love with her with each second. She will never know how much she has helped me throughout my whole fight with cancer, I appreciate her teaching me not to sweat the small stuff life is way to short! I appreciate every second I have with her even when she pushes my patience with trying to establish her independence! I hope all is well with everyone and we appreciate you checking in on us! xo~G, J and MJ

Monday, August 15, 2011

happenings lately

A couple of weeks ago Justin had to work down in San Antonio so MJ and I tagged along. We had a wonderful time for our first family vacation. Mallory and I did all the touristy stuff during the week while Justin was working. This is us on the riverwalk at dinner one night.

We went to a park Hemisfair Park found a swing for her and they had a big wooden play structure that was pretty neat.
Mallory and I walked the Botanical Garden one morning before it got too hot and it was beautiful. She made it about half way through before passing out!

The Children's Museum has a tot center designated for 0-36 month olds. She loved it and finally got brave enough to climb on the equipment towards the end, but in the beginning she just likes to sit and people watch like her momma! We have been going to Gymboree play and learn classes, they have these balls (in the picture below) there that she absolutely loves. We even bought some for her thinking then they might not be that big of a deal then once class rolls around but oh no! She gets a death grip on the ball and carries it around with her the entire time. Oh and yes they had them at the Children's museum so of course we had to tote that around the entire time! Too funny!

Finally posting her 9 month pics and we will be taking the 10 month ones next week! Wow time flies like crazy! It is getting harder and harder to take her pics each month as she gets more and more mobile. As you can see she got bored with me in no time and moved on checking out the books on the table!

If you can see she has 2 teeth on the bottom! She has been chewing her fingers like crazy so I think more are moving and on there way! She is getting better each day with finger foods. It is amazing how she has grown into this little person and out of being a baby (even though she will always be our baby)!! Hope all is well with everyone and thank you for checking in on us! I am continuing to get better each day, the hardest part for me is the obvious appearance difference and the chemo brain. The chemo brain is residual from the chemo and means I have a foggy feeling memory and it is hard to concentrate on things. I hope things will just continue to get better with each day. All our love~G, J and MJ