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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Saturday, March 26, 2011

5 months

Mallory is 5 months! Wow what has happened in 5 months, huh?!! Just thinking about how overwhelming it was having a newborn coming home from the hospital seems like just yesterday. Now I am needing to soon start researching feeding her her first foods! She is staring to push off things to roll herself from back to front and has found her feet at the changing table. Will not be too long and she will be moving all over. Today is also day 10 of cycle 2 so we are in the neutropenic stage of things. I am trying like crazy to wash hands after touching anything and wiping everything down to try to prevent getting sick like last time. It is a little overwhelming thinking of foods to avoid and just trying not to mess up as my WBC count is so low. I am excited to be almost half way done. I am so proud at how well MJ has been through out this process, she is so easy going and has taken so well to every person that has come to stay with her as I am away at treatment. This whole experience has been very humbling to me and I am forever grateful for all of the help we have received. We could not make it through this without the love and support from all of you. We appreciate everything more than I will ever be able to express. I smile because of all of you!!! xoxo~G, J and MJ

Monday, March 7, 2011

day 12

Took pictures for one of the last days I will have hair, today is day 12 of first chemo round so my hair will be falling out any day now. I will hope I will be feeling good and proud throughout that I will still take photos but who knows really.

This is MJ and me on Valentines day, we went to our fertility doc appointment that day kind of ironic on the day of love and all. Which I know most everyone has heard but the fertility doctor told us if I was his daughter he would tell me to not mess around waiting for invetro fertilization process to harvest eggs and start chemo as soon as possible since I already have a baby I need to be around to be a mom for which I could not agree more- the thought of not being here for MJ devastates me to pieces!
SO basically chemo sucks- no pleasantries about it, it just sucks. But I am now on the rise with all my numbers so that is good that I have a good couple of weeks to look forward to before I go through it all over again from the beginning--ewww!!! It has been a luxury getting to have Angela be with us throughout this first round- she has been the shizit explaining what all the medical terminology means and telling me the truth of the good/bad/ugly side effects or what could happen, ect. She has of course not only been a huge help in the medical aspect but just to have family here is so reassuring and comforting in itself as well. Being home in Houston has been comforting in itself too. I feel so blessed getting to be in the same town as my mom again and having her being able to help with MJ has been a god send!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH Babs and Angela- we love you and cherish you for putting up with the toughest patient in the world and for not hesitating at all with taking care of MJ!!! Thank you everyone for all of your continued support and encouragement! I have found such strength in your support and love you all so much! I appreciate you all so much for everything and want you each to know how much everything means to me!! I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family! xoxo!!!!