Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Sunday, November 28, 2010

one month already!!

Our baby is already one month old!!! Goodbye new born diapers we are now in size one. Her newborn size clothes are too snug as well and she wearing size 0-3months now. Can not believe how fast time is going by and how fast she is growing, we measured her with ruler at home and she has grown 1 and 1/2 inches! She has been sleeping close to 4 hrs at night these past couple nights. It is amazing how much has changed in just a month. Everyone was totally right that it does get better and easier with each day. We went out to Justin's Aunt and Uncles house for Thanksgiving and enjoyed dinner with them and a lot of the cousin's. Mallory slept through her first Thanksgiving dinner but was up afterwards to enjoy time with the family watching the OSU basketball game. My mom got to come up and be with us for the long Thanksgiving weekend and we enjoyed every minute she was here with us -did not want her to leave! Thank you so much momma, we appreciate your help with everything so very much!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mallory newborn pics

A couple of weeks ago we had someone come over to the house to take Mallory's newborn pictures. I was aiming for a time of day that she would be deep in sleep so we could get those adorable sleeping baby shots where they are all curled up and placed strategically in cute positions but that was just silly wishful thinking! I have learned not to plan anything when it comes to a newborn! :) I want to thank yall so much for all of the encouragment and support these past couple of weeks- it means so much to me! I have officially gone a couple days now without crying and without doubting myself! So I am definately getting better! I am loving every second with Mallory she is such a miracle and has completed our family in ways we did not know were possible! She is the love of our lives and is our entire world! She is getting stronger with her neck control and does pretty good with tummy time in small intervals. She is still backwards for the most part with sleep scheduele but we are getting there with that too! We hope you enjoy her pics and we send all our love!!!~G, J and MJ

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Justin's the big 3-0

This weekend we celebrated Justin's 30th birthday on Saturday. His sister Janelle is here in town for a week and a half and her bday was a couple days before his so we celebrated her bday as well. (Mallory did her first road trip going down to Oklahoma City airport to pick up Aunt Janelle and she did pretty good for a whole afternoon/evening in the car.) It was pretty fun for them to be together to celebrate and I think they had a pretty good time together. Festivities are still stretched out even to this Friday for them as well, lucky dogs! This past weekend we had a couple of friends over to watch the OU vs Tech game to celebrate the big three-ohh. I dressed myself and Mallory in OU gear just because it was Justin's bday- we were both quietly rooting for Tech but our cheers went unheard as OU blew them out of the water- poor Tech.

This past weekend we also made a trip to Stillwater so Aunt Janelle could see the kids there since they could not come to Enid because Shana was studying for midterms. Mallory did very good on the trip there and even stayed asleep so I could eat lunch but the afternoon was not so good for her. After she ate she completely threw up which was a first for Justin and me as parents! These past few days have been pretty hard for me adjusting to motherhood. It is so hard when she is up for hours at night and nothing I do can soothe her, absolutely breaks my heart. I am loosing faith in myself of how good a mom I am these past few days. Everyone keeps reassuring me how much better it gets and I know it will it is just hard for me right now. I think Mallory got the short end of the stick in the mom department and needs a better one for sure!
sending all our love~G, J and MJ

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

2 weeks already!

Our adorable little red raider!
I can not believe it has already been 2 weeks since Mallory has joined our family. It has been absolutely amazing. I am beginning to feel a lot better and am loving being a mom! It was a rough first week home with being sore from surgery and the complete lack of sleep delirium I was in but this week has been so much better. My emotions are balancing back out now and I am feeling human again instead of like a crazy lady. She is now getting up every 3 hours to nurse instead of hourly so that is a huge game changer being able to catch a few more zzz's. I love just being able to be with her, I can just sit and watch her forever and still feel like I can not get enough of her! It takes my breath away to think we created her and just how amazing she truly is, I did not know I could love someone so much and so deeply. We went to her first doctor appointment a couple of days ago and she is doing good, her weight was back up and is in the 50th percentile. She began to loose it towards end of appointment from a hunger melt down- I had to sweep her off to the car to nurse I do not feel comfortable yet with the whole nursing in public as I am continuing to learn, I am sure that will change. She has been taking it pretty easy on us- she is a pretty relaxed baby- she is only fussy and cries with a few gas/poop problems that she has to work out and when she is beyond hungry. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers for us and we appreciate yall so very much!! Sending all our love~G, J and MJ