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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Exciting news about new addition to our family

We are 10 weeks pregnant!! We had our first doctor appointment today and saw the baby and made sure the heartbeat was good. We did not want to tell anyone until after we made sure the heart looked good and everything else was good too! We are so excited and can not believe how blessed we are. Right now our doctor says there is only one in there and the heart was 177 beats per minute. The measurement was 26.6mm. We even saw the baby wave his or her little hand at us! Absolutely amazing and so exciting!! It is crazy how a baby is growing and moving inside you and you can not feel a thing. I can not believe how tired I have been the past 8 weeks- I have slept it up big time but luckily the nausea was not too out of control- I just felt hungover all the time. Which is a weird feeling having to work and function everyday life being hungover feeling. These past two days I have been feeling better and seem to have more energy. Thank you all for all of your prayers and support throughout this past year of us trying to get pregnant. We love y'all so much and appreciate y'all!!! Sending all our love~G and J

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lakers Game in OKC

We went down to watch the Lakers play the Oklahoma City Thunder on Friday. We got on the road early afternoon to park down in bricktown and grab dinner before the game. It was a beautiful day just crazy windy but we still enjoyed walking the river walk and enjoying the great day. We ate dinner at Mickey Mantel's which was very good ended up sharing some yummy appetizers and dessert perfect meal- we already are planning next trip back! The game was not so good though-my super fan was not very impressed with the Lake Show at all! It was my first Laker game and I thought it was really fun. The Thunder fans are out of control crazy cheerers!! The poor Lakers just could not make any shots and by any I mean ANY, everything they attempted just would not go in the basket. We ended up leaving early due to not wanting to continue with anymore of the torture of watching the Lakers suffer! Today we have been catching up on our Netflix. They are coming out with a Tron in 3D and I had never seen the original one from the 80's so I had to catch up to be ready for the new one! It is crazy watching the graphics from the old movies like that and comparing them to the new ones. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and a great week ahead. We send all our love~G and J

Sunday, March 14, 2010

weekend update

We went to see Alice and Wonderland yesterday at the IMAX in 3D. It was very cool and we really liked it. I was surprised people had their young children there for the movie. I thought some parts might be kind of too scary for young kids but it was not that scary at all. I think it is amazing what they do now with 3D and make the movie just such an interactive experience! We totally love it and look forward to the next on the list! We also watched our Netflix movies one of them was Up in the Air which I was excited to see especially since it got recognition at the Oscars last week. But I was a little sad it did not end the way I was thinking it would, very surprised! We hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and has a great week ahead! Sending all our love~G and J

Friday, March 12, 2010

why did I choose this profession again....

AHHH..horrible day at work yesterday and it is amazing how one patient can determine that! The dental field is a crazy profession because dental patients( at least in our rural area) have these expectations of what they want their smile to be transformed to but do not want to commit any time or cost to doing it only they will just do what insurance will cover. And no one ever takes accountability for their actions. It is the dental providers fault completely. No, I, the dental hygienist did not make you smoke cigarettes for 50+ yrs and still going or make you drink soda/juice all day instead of any water and it is not my fault you are too lazy to take care of your teeth by brushing and flossing every day---brush the ones you want to keep people!! AHHH! This patient mind you I have told her the entire time I have seen her( for 3 yrs now) that she has periodontal disease but refuses to go to the periodontist or do anything about it like committing to more frequent recalls and yesterday I am the liar she has never been told this information before and does not want to loose anymore teeth...WHAT the Heck?!? At that point I was done and passed it over to my dentist to handle and I refused to see her ever again! How can one person make you doubt yourself so much? I know I bear way too much and take way too much personal just one of those days! Thanks for letting me vent I appreciate it and hope I will get a better attitude real quick! All my love~G

Sunday, March 7, 2010


We have been running and ultimately working towards a goal of a marathon someday. Justin has been doing an amazing job at the 5K's these past few weeks, his times just keep getting better and better. Today he did it with the camel back and thought it was pretty challenging with the extra weight but wants to continue to work with it. I am still on the run/walk regimen but am working hard at it too! We made interesting burgers this weekend- found a recipe that had blueberries in the patty and it turned out pretty good. We watched a few good movies as well and caught up on DVR shows- had a Lost marathon and that show is crazy but we love it, only 10 more episodes ever!
We had to share a picture of our precious Cassie sleeping. She rolls over on her back and puts her paw in her mouth like a baby would suck it's thumb! We think it is absolutely hilarious and get a kick out of her doing it every single night.
We hope everyone has a great week ahead and we send all of our love to you!! xoxo~G and J