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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Monday, August 30, 2010

baby shower and Reid reunion

This weekend our friends in Enid threw a shower for Mallory! It was such a good time and we are so touched by how thoughtful everyone was! We are so blessed to be surrounded by such great people!!!
Amy and Kara made this adorable diaper cake! They are so creative and did such a great job with the shower! Thank you again and again you guys! We appreciate all your hard work so much!!
Us with grandpa Larry!
Us with grandma Janice!!
We played a fun game that everyone had to guess how big around I was with toilet paper squares and there was a tie winner- both Aunt Cheryl and Aunt Marilyn won! We also played baby themed bingo. The girls arranged another game with everyone's name tags- they had made the name tags in the shape of diapers and at the end of the shower they had everyone open their diaper to see who had a dirty diaper and they got a prize! Too funny!!
The kids helped us open Mallory's presents, they are such great helpers!

Thank you so much Uncle Andy for the glider! It is so comfy and we appreciate you doing that for Mallory! Thank you!!!
We also had the Reid family reunion this weekend as well before the shower on Saturday. They had it catered through a local restaurant and we had a great lunch. It was fun seeing Janice with all her siblings together!

The Jones Family :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

31 weeks and 1 day

Today we had our check up and got to see Mallory. When the doctor first put the ultrasound camera on my belly the only thing you could see was the proof she is a girl! The doctor got so nervous because he could not remember if we wanted to know or not and there was no hiding it at that time!:) Pretty fun stuff!!! Her heart beat today was 138 beats per min and he said everything is still looking good. Today she was head down still and sitting on one foot with the other foot over the head again. She is consistent with those yoga moves! We got to see a good image of her foot and it is long! We were trying to figure out who that was from, so we will see how long they are when she is here! :) Sending all our love~G, J and MJ

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mallory 3D/4D

We went to the city this weekend and did the 3D/4D at Stork vision, it was amazing! They recommended I drink a fruit juice one hour prior to our session and that I come with full bladder which I did, but of course our little girl is not a fan of the photo-ops! Of course she was moving like crazy on the drive down and even while we sat and waited to get started, but as soon as I lay down for the ultrasound she is sleeping and taking a break. She was head down with all her limbs all down there with her. She even had the cord in front of her! I sat up to get her moving but no luck! The sonographer kept shaking my belly to get the fluid moving to make her mad to move but she did not care just covered herself up more and kept sleeping. We did get a couple of good looks at her face and even saw a smile! We got a DVD and CD with it which we already watched and loved! We got to hear her heart beat too! So amazing seeing her sweet little face and those gorgeous chubby cheeks! I am so excited to see her in person! Gets me all choked up thinking about it, amazing how much you can love someone you have not even met yet! We also got to pick up her furniture this weekend too! yay! It was pretty easy putting everything together and her room is coming right along! I am trying to figure out the best way to organize everything and I am sure I will change everything anyway!

30 weeks and 5 day pregnant belly! Getting bigger and bigger!
Sending all our love~G, J and MJ

Friday, August 13, 2010

29 weeks

We are now going to the doctor every 2 weeks, we got to see her this past Tuesday. I got done with my patient early so we got to eat this time before we went. I was hoping me eating lunch before her ultrasound would stir her up a bit so we could get some good pics! But she was still content for her photo shoot just chillin' in a ball with her limbs all over her face. She had her leg over her head again and was holding her toes over her head with one of her hands- completely covering her face for any good pics to be taken!:) silly girl! But the doctor said everything is continuing to look good- the heart beat was 141 beats per minute and the placenta looked good he checked the coloring and said it was good. I tried to blame my weight gain on Mallory but no such luck just lying to myself on that one! But we have gotten back at the work out and walking the dogs regularly so hopefully that will get me back on track! It has just been ridiculously hot here these past few weeks so no motivation in the evenings but we have been doing everything early morning again while it is cooler- (using the word cooler loosely of course!) Our bedroom has been horrible at temperature control way hot in the summer and freezing in the winter. We had a guy come look at it last year and give us an estimate on how to fix it and we finally got it fixed today in preparation for Mallory to be in our bedroom those first few weeks. The guy just finished installing another air duct in the room and he had to order a new grate to cover the hole in the ceiling. So we are glad that is finally done and feel better about the room being able to be a constant temperature for her. I have so enjoyed washing and putting up all of Mallory's new baby clothes getting ready for her to be here. It is so fun seeing those tiny clothes and just picturing our tiny newborn will be here in just a little over 2 months! yay!! We are so excited to meet you Mallory! We have our child birthing preparation class tomorrow to get ready for her big debut. I am looking forward to it and excited to see the hospital and stuff! Let you know how it goes! Hope everyone has a great weekend and we send all our love to you!! xoxo~G, J and MJ

Friday, August 6, 2010

Mallory Houston shower

My best friend Laura threw Mallory a shower this past weekend in Houston. The trip started off rough it was a long trip down there last Friday, I had to retake my glucose test that morning so there was a lot of sitting and waiting for the 3 hours and then we did the drive down south. All my numbers came back good though so no gestational diabetes- I was so nervous! But we had such a fun weekend to look forward to and were so excited for Mallory's shower on Saturday! I was so touched by Laura's thoughtfulness! She did such an amazing job which she always does with parties! The decorations were cute little baby girl clothes hanging on a clothes line. She made such a yummy spread of goodies to munch on from chicken salad, hummus, and the most amazing cake balls ever! Thank you again Laura!

I am so thankful for everyone that came to celebrate Mallory's arrival and shower her with love! She and I are the luckiest ladies ever to have such amazing friends and family! I really appreciate everyone coming by and sharing that day with us! I am so grateful for everyones support, love and encouragement as we prepare for Mallory's arrival. We are so excited to meet Mallory and it melts my heart to know we have such great family and friends that are just as excited to know her too!

xoxo~G, J and MJ