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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sending Shawn Off

Yesterday we went to our boss and good friend's house to send her husband off for Iraq! It was his day filled with friends and family. Erin did an amazing spread of BBQ and it was absolutely delicious! We began the day fishing at one of their ponds. Way to go Kara for catching the biggest fish!! Thank you again Duke (one of their dogs) for saving me from the snake! :) Headed back to the house and all the kids had a blast riding the tractors and running around. Then all the guys went out to shoot their guns. Girls played Blockus and Kenzie pulled off the first victory! We had so much fun out there! We are going to miss you so much Shawn! Thank you for protecting us and serving our country! We appreciate you very much and are already looking forward to your safe arrival home!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Justin and I with Kyle! We are so proud of him and so in awe of how far he has come! He is such an inspiration!!! We love you so much brother!!!
My mom and brother on Mother's Day. My mother is my hero! I admire her so much! Hopefully one day I will be as amazing mother as she is! She has such courage and strength! We look up to you momma and you truly are our hero!!!
We had such a great weekend! Justin had a CE course in Dallas so we got to get together with the Galindo family! We had so much fun! We could not believe how well Kynli is walking! So exciting! She is so beautiful-just like her momma! Thank you again Galindo family we appreciate you guys and had so much fun with you!
Once Justin got done with his course we headed down to H-town for the day for Mother's Day to see Babs! It was so good to be with my mom on mother's day we were trying to think of the last time we were together on that day and it had bee quite some time!! We went to the church her and Kyle attend and it was a great service! There was the baby dedicating and a tribute to mother's so of course we all cried!! Very emotional!
The pastor challenged the church to "be the message" this week and raise awareness for the billions who experience hunger and thirst. It is a 5 day challenge to eat only beans and rice! You can go to to find out more about it if you are interested.