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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

we're in the third trimester

We had our doctor appointment today! I get so excited each time getting to see Mallory!!! The doctor said everything is looking great and we have a beautiful baby in there! Her heart beat today was 145 beats per min. It is amazing how big she has gotten the past 4 weeks. I keep getting this pain at the upper right of my belly- when I told him that he said it was probably her pushing against that spot. He looked in that area today and sure enough her hiney was up in the air- she had her legs tucked up by her head and arms over her face. So we did not get good pics of her again but that is ok as long as she is healthy pictures can wait!:) Our What to Expect phone app says she is the size of a head of cauliflower- 16in. I had to do the glucose test today. I drank the orange drink which at first I thought 'huh, this is not too bad' and which it was not that bad at all but it sure did upset my stomach for sure! So hopefully the results will come back all good tomorrow!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Nursery is painted

Justin finished painting Mallory's nursery yesterday. It went so much better for him this weekend with us having AC!! It looks so good and he did such a great job! Now we just wait for her furniture to come in so we can start getting everything ready for her arrival in 13 weeks! Yay!! We have a doctors appointment on Tuesday so we get to see her then and will post the pics as soon as we can! I have to do the glucose testing that day too so hopefully that all goes good! Yesterday she was on the move in my belly- felt like she was jumping around in there and now she is getting stronger so you can actually see her moving! It is very fun having Justin being able to feel her more and more now!! This week she was very quiet and we did get scared that something was wrong. Now that her eyes are opened we read she would respond to light. So Justin shined a flash light on my belly and she immediately kicked at the light! Huge sigh a relief for us but I am sure she was thinking like what the heck guys!?! Sending all our love! xoxo~ G and J

Sunday, July 18, 2010

And the fun begins...

Justin started to paint Mallory's room this weekend. He has been researching how to paint so her room will turn out better than ours did! He found a nifty tool that dispensed the tape with paper for the edges of the room to avoid all the problems we had getting paint on the base boards no matter how good of a job we did with just the tape! He is done with 2 walls of the first coat and very frustrated with it all ready as you can see in the picture!! Hopefully the second coat will go smoother for him! Thank you Justin for all your hard work on her room this weekend!!! I love you so much and appreciate you taking care of that for us!! xoxo!!! Our air conditioner has quit working so it is pretty toasty in our house! The dogs just keep looking at me panting like I am choosing to make it this miserable in here. The air conditioner service ad said 24hrs so I got very excited but that is only to business emergencies it turns out- residential has to wait until Monday morning! They need to update their ad to be more specific! So hopefully we can get in tomorrow for someone to come out for a repair!We did go have some fun and see Dispicable Me yesterday in 3D which was such a cute movie, we both really enjoyed it. xoxo~G and J

Monday, July 12, 2010

Kynli's 2nd bday

We went to Dallas this past weekend to celebrate Kynli's 2nd birthday with the Galindos! Summer did such a great job decorating a luau theme, super cute! We drove down Saturday morning for the party in the afternoon. It ended up raining that afternoon so the swimming luau was rain delayed for a bit but it stopped a couple hours later! The kiddos all hopped in the pool and had a great time, so cute watching them! We sat out only because it was still cloudy and windy so perfect weather to sit outside and socialize by the pool without having to be wet to survive the Texas heat! We ate pizza and Kynli had a very yummy cake with lots of icing- yum! The Galindos let us stay the night at their house so we did not have to head home until Sunday. Thank y'all again!! We ate yummy Pappasito's before we got on the road- Mallory was doing flips of happiness after the queso and fajitas! Is there anything better than mexican food- I think not!:) We had such a great weekend and wish that we were surrounded by friends and family like that all the time! But we are blessed that they are only a drive away and we can not wait until the next time! Sending all our love to everyone!!! xoxo~G and J

Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July

We headed up to Lake of the Ozarks to visit with the Erbs for the 4th of July weekend. I stink by not taking any photos but we had a really great time. We went up there on Friday and played cards and cooked out at their condo. On Saturday we hit the lake and I got completely burnt to a crisp! I sprayed sunscreen but obviously I did not do an even job the proof is in the exact lines on my body from red to white! Very patriotic of me but in a lot of pain for sure! I did not notice at the time of getting burnt as I floated in the lake and had a great time talking with everyone. Piled on the aloe as soon as we got home Sunday. Justin joked that I would not be in charge of spraying Mallory but in my defense I did a great job getting him covered just not myself! I think I am not used to be this white I usually have some sort of tan going on but I have done nothing at all so I am ghostly white! Saturday night we ate dinner at a restaurant on the lake called Horny Toads. We watched all the huge boats come in at dusk while we ate. After dinner there was a band playing at a different part of Horny Toads which was like the bar area. The band was a cover band and played 80's and 90's hip hop music it was a lot of fun jamming out to all the old favs! We headed back home Sunday so we would have Monday to relax before the work week. We got to watch fireworks on t.v. this year- pretty neat shows in New York by Macy's and the one at the Capitol in D.C! Hope everyone has a great week ahead and we send all our love to you! xoxo~G and J

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mallory visit #4

Face picture of Mallory!
Today we went for our hospital ultrasound. I followed the test directions and came with a full bladder but it turned out I was too full and it was messing up the pictures! I had to go empty it before she could get started with all the measurements! ha! Our ultrasound technician measured everything and it was very interesting having her walk us through each measurement. Of course Mallory was in her pike position had hands up over her face and legs pulled up and over as well- so we did not get a good head picture of her today! It is funny how while we were waiting our turn she was moving like crazy but as soon as it was photo time she balled up and stayed put! The technician joked with us saying she was already being a drama queen acting like she had no room at all!:) Her measurements put her due date to be Oct 30th so we'll see if she'll be a Halloween baby!:) Today she measured weighing 1 lb and 4 oz. Her heart rate at the hospital was 147 beats per min. We also went to our OB apt today and her heart rate there was 139 beats per min! Our OB got the first picture posted this afternoon of her face- you can see her eyelids and the actual slits in them, and we even got to see her blink. And both visits today still confirming Mallory is a girl! So exciting and so amazing how she is growing inside my belly- such a miracle! Amazing how much she is already loved and we have not even gotten to meet her yet!

Hope everyone has a great 4th of July weekend. Be safe and have fun! Hopefully everyone gets a nice long weekend to enjoy!! xoxo~ G and J