Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Monday, May 31, 2010


Deftones posted a last minute concert in Oklahoma City this weekend. We love the lead singer Chino Marino- he is an awesome performer!! They were out at the Diamond Ballroom on Saturday night. The Ballroom is so small we were very surprised and it is just in the middle of nowhere- very random! We got a spot right by the sound control booth so we would not have anyone behind us and we had awesome view of the stage- but sure enough as soon as the concert started all the tall guys came to stand right in front of us! So there was a little weaving between the heads to see but Chino is always jumping around the stage so we could see him just fine! So Baby Jonesie had his or hers first concert! Ours ears were ringing all the next day as well! Guess that is what happens when the concert hall is so small! Hope everyone has a great week ahead! We have a baby doctor appointment tomorrow afternoon-so excited!! We will keep y'all posted! xoxo~G and J

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Time with Larry

We had such a fun weekend with Larry in town! The Thundering Herd in Stillwater had us all over all weekend. We ate dinner out on Friday night at the kids' favorite restaurant. They have so much fun with the bread dipping sauce it is very cute! Saturday Shelby smoked a turkey for lunch and it was so good! He is a pro! All the guys worked on the Jeep and got it working again! Hermione picked some flowers for her momma and me! They were beautiful! Shana was explaining to her that I have a baby in my belly- her response was utter shock she told me "Gina it is not nice to EAT BABIES!" Aww too cute!! Saturday night Shelby grilled us burgers! Thank you again Shelby for all your hard work at the grill this weekend! We had cool whip in the can on our dessert Grandpa showed McCamey the cool trick of squirting it in your mouth and of course everyone had to try it!:) Once all the kids were in bed the grownups watched Sherlock Homes. It was a really good movie- Sherlock was pretty good at what he did! We have so much fun with the Thundering Herd and the traveling Brothers, we are so thankful to have such an amazing family!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cleaning out the clutter

We had a busy weekend closest cleaning out all the clutter. Friday we made dinner and had friends over. We enjoyed time around the chiminea outside after dinner. Saturday we got started with going through boxes and putting things in trash/keep/salvation army groups. Trash is full and already made our run to salvation army this morning. We still have one more run we have to do but it is all big things we are needing to donate. Justin got the attic organized this morning. We are getting there and little by little looking better and better! It is amazing all the junk we have! Today we are waiting on Larry to get here! We are super excited to spend time with him and wish Janice was with him too! It has been way too long since we have gotten to be with them! We love having family with us and wish it happened more often. Hope everyone has a great week! All our love~G and J

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend this past weekend in Houston for Mother's Day! It was so much fun!! Justin has been reading the Baby Bargain Book for us. He has been doing the research on everything so we can begin shopping for baby furniture. Over the weekend we did tons of shopping for baby Jonesie by hitting the consignment stores to all the big name baby brand stores. We found the crib and dresser set we are going to get and found very cute bedding as well! Shopping for baby Jonesie is so much fun and I am so thankful we got to share that time with my mom.
We got to meet up with my brother and his girlfriend Amy a couple of times over the weekend too! They live out in Tomball and there is a little restaurant we have all been wanting to try so we all met out there at Bootsies. The chef there buys all his herbs and vegetables from the plant nursery they work at! The food was delish and so fresh. My brother has been super busy lately working 7 days a week and the nursery has been packed. It makes me so happy to see my brother so happy. I am so proud of all of his accomplishments so far in his life.
We got to go to the Astros game, that was both Justin and my first time to go to the Minute Maid Stadium. It was very fun even though the Astros did not play too hot! My dearest friend Laura and her son Jack got to meet us all out at the game too! It was so fun catching up with them! After the game there was a firework show which was pretty cool. On actual mother's day we went out to the IMAX and saw the Huble movie. It was pretty interesting seeing how they got the telescope up in space and seeing what it sees. As we headed home we luckily missed all the horrible weather that hit Oklahoma. It was horrible here how fast the tornadoes hit and how many there were. Please pray for all the families that lost their homes.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lazy weekend

Lazy weekend at home. We caught up on much overdue Netflix movies that were pretty crazy- Inglorious Basterds, An Education, and The Hurt Locker. It was a bunch of pretty intense movies so we kept putting off actually sitting down to watch them but we took care of them all this weekend. I got to go to dinner with Hayley Friday night which was some much needed catch up time which I absolutely loved! Justin stayed home and watched Lakers. Lakers pulled off winning the first series against the Thunder but are on right now on the second playoff series against Utah Jazz. It is not sounding good based on the yelling towards the television at the officials! I have just been busy with all those domestic chores getting laundry and such done. My belly is getting bigger and I can feel things getting harder. Some of the blog posts on a pregnancy site they say they are already feeling movement- I have not been blessed with that yet but am looking forward to it. It is crazy how fast time is going- at our next OB apt it will be the half way point of our pregnancy! Man, just soak up each day and enjoy it because it is going by way too fast! Hope everyone has a great week ahead, sending all our love~ G and J